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Coloured Mulch

Red Devil Mulch

Cubic Yard: $50.00
30L Bag: $5.00

Chocolate Brown Mulch

Cubic Yard: $50.00
30L Bag: $5.00

Black Beauty Mulch

Cubic Yard: $50.00
30L Bag: $5.00

Natural Mulch

Pine Mulch

Cubic Yard: $55.00
30L Bag: N/A

Cedar Mulch

Cubic Yard: $55.00
30L Bag: N/A

Forest Mulch

Cubic Yard: $35.00
30L Bag: N/A

Wood Chips

Cubic Yard: $55.00
30L Bag: N/A

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Great Tips


Properly mulched flower beds greatly improve the appearance of your landscape, and provide many other benefits. Mulch prevents weeds, keeps moisture in the soil, adds nutrients, and protects the plants’ root system.

How to Get The Most out of Your Mulch


  • It is best to apply mulch once the soil has a chance to warm. Applying mulch too early in the season can actually slow your plant growth. Mid to late spring is the best time to put mulch on the flower beds.
  • Make sure to get rid of any weeds before applying the mulch.
  • Water your plants before applying the mulch.
  • Be careful not to bury desired plants. Keep the mulch away from the plants’ stems.
  • A layer of 2″ of fine much should be sufficient while coarse material should be about 3-4 inches.
  • Applying additional mulch during summer will help retain moisture.
  • In the fall, it is a good idea to work organic mulch into the soil to add nutrients.
  • In early spring, gradually pull remaining mulch away from plants to give them warmth and a good start. Once they are established, put the mulch back and add a new layer.
  • Mulch also helps as insulation during the winter.


Colored mulch can give your flowerbeds a whole new look! Click on the mulch samples below to see the effect. 




Black Beauty

Red Devil